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The most eclectic of car rides.
  1. I will always love you -- Whitney Houston
    I sing this to my coffee. Every time. I also sang it to my car as I took her for her last spin.
  2. Man In the Mirror -- Michael Jackson
  3. A LOT of taking back sunday, fall out boy, the used, Thursday...
    A lot.
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  1. Observing one of my favorite students independently use strategies that we have worked on for 2 years to calm down some of her very big emotions. She's awesome. I cried.
  2. Buying new running shoes. Exciting because I have started training for 2 significant (for me) goals: sprint tri in August and a half-marathon in October.
  3. Going to a pretty kick-ass show. The Sword is beyond impressive to experience live.
  4. Having a realization/recognition of how much I truly love my job. It's Friday and I am exhausted, but I consider myself one of the luckiest people to have this privilege.
  1. Cemetary grounds keeper
    Pros: worked with my best friend, killer tan (for the whitest girl), riding mower races Cons: Dead people. Everywhere.
  2. Flag girl for DOT
    Pros: killer tan (again), steel-toed boots, big ego from excessive "compliments" from the pavement crew Cons: asthma attacks, bronchitis, that college kid who kissed me and knocked my hard hat into oncoming traffic.
  3. Server at Denny's
    Pros: I channelled my inner stereotypical diner waitress and called people, "hun." I was 15. Cons: Those shoes.
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