1. Cemetary grounds keeper
    Pros: worked with my best friend, killer tan (for the whitest girl), riding mower races Cons: Dead people. Everywhere.
  2. Flag girl for DOT
    Pros: killer tan (again), steel-toed boots, big ego from excessive "compliments" from the pavement crew Cons: asthma attacks, bronchitis, that college kid who kissed me and knocked my hard hat into oncoming traffic.
  3. Server at Denny's
    Pros: I channelled my inner stereotypical diner waitress and called people, "hun." I was 15. Cons: Those shoes.
  4. Art teacher at The Everson Museum of Art
    Pros: I worked for my high school art teacher/role model/favorite person Cons: None. Why didn't I do that forever? A real salary is overrated
  5. Art director at summer camp
    (See above)
  6. Concession Stand at Fair Haven State Park
    Pros: I worked for one day Cons: Try making hot dogs, burgers, ice cream, register transactions and clean-up solo. I dare you.