This morning on the walk to school with my 4.5 year old daughter, we were sister unicorns, try thinking of a unicorn name without caffeine or drugs.....
  1. Carnival Candy Cane
    Ok this is going to be easy
  2. Cherry Yum Yum
    Inspired by a ring pop packet on the ground
  3. Flutter shimmer Baby
    Nicking parts of My Little Pony names
  4. Bubble Fly Bluebell
    Would likely have a blue sparkly horn that possibly lights up
  5. Amazilla
    This wasn't mine but wish I'd thought of it Amazon blended with Godzilla.. Biggish greenish unicorn
  6. Twinkle Sugar Sparkle
    Bestest unicorn name ever ever ever ever
  7. Amber Lynn Twirlaround
    Stripper unicorn....hmm the things she can do with a pole....
  8. Glitter doll dancer
    Friend of Amber Lynn