Where are you from?

I have an unusual accent, originally from the North of England. Life and travels have contributed to my sing song vowelistic (cool new word I just made up!) mash up voice. I work retail and hear the question literally everyday-here are some of my favorite guesses. Oh for context I have fair skin and real blonde hair.
  1. Are you Irish?
    Nope, have been asked about 756 times.
  2. Are you German?
  3. New Zealand or Australia?
    Neither actually
  4. Are you Scottish?
    Close but no
  5. Oh I thought you were Swedish
    Did you now? Why not Greenland or Antartica
  6. South African?
    Sometimes like to fuck around with this one as I like to mimic SA accents
  7. Oh you're From the Uk? London or the countryside
    I guess the countryside, scuse me mate my tractor's double parked.....
  8. Are you Jamaican?
    To be fair this question was asked sight unseen during a telephone conversation .... Yeah Mon.
  9. What is your native language?
    That'll be English