How I Spend My Sleepless Nights

  1. First: Instagram. Visually stimulating cause of vivid dreams
  2. iBooks: classic literature will force sleep on the reader, right?
  3. Tumblr: God bless infinite dashboard scrolling
  4. Buzzfeed: how else will I know what fuckboy I'm attracted to based on my zodiac sign???
  5. List app: because it's new and I'm trying to get on its level
  6. Photos: gotta look at my boyfriend there because if I turn on the light to look at his sleeping face next to me he might freak out. I would.
  7. Etsy: midnight homemade goods, baby!
  8. Snapchat: gotta know what Skrillex and Ashley Benson are up to. Also: the food network snapchat taught me how to make limoncello 🙌🏼 this is going to be everyone's Christmas present this year!
  9. Bank app: gotta budget out this next month right this second.
  10. Clock: let's push that morning alarm back half an hour.