Just some nibblets that give me the feels
  1. Puppy snuggles
    You know from a brand new puppy with that puppy smell and pink nose and belly
  2. Rainy days on the couch with a good book
    Live in the valley of the sun where all year there is sunshine and happiness. But then the rainy day comes and you can pretend to be cold and snuggle under a warm blanket and escape into a book
  3. Bike rides with a great soundtrack
    Nothing clears the head better than seeing the landscape while giving yourself the background music to be truly appreciative of where you at at that one moment in that one place
  4. Hot yoga after a stressful week
    Kicks your ass in just the right way to leave you feeling refreshed and ready for more
  5. Waking up thinking it's time to go to work when it's really the weekend.
    Because, duh