Three flights and fourteen hours later, I made it to Spokane for a friend's wedding.
  1. Meal options go beyond Wendy's (employing people who could not figure out how to soften their baked potatoes and issued a refund), a Quiznos that's been abandoned in what seemed to be an apocalyptic moment, and Chipotle (which surprisingly shaved 50 cents off prices found in NYC).
  2. No NYC bakery would ever attempt to call themselves "The Great American Bagel" without at least a half dozen cream cheese flavors and bagels that are big, golden, and when toasted are not the texture of an amalgam of sawdust.
  3. For 5AM flights there are a remarkable number of ways to get to the airport. Uber is not out of commission after midnight and you are not relying on the sole cabbie in town who makes you sit in the front and regales you with stories about the formerly heroine-addicted stripper he amended after picking her up one day as a fare.
  4. Need a pharmacy? A little convenience? Good luck. You may find yourself suddenly thrilled that every NYC block has a Duane Reade, CVS, Rite Aid, or Walgreens (although you constantly kvetch about Manhattan being nothing but chains). Especially when you come down with a cold and would give your firstborn to the makers of Sudafed.
  5. Cabbies accept your tip for their service instead of arguing that you take the change. Okay, maybe this one scores something for Spokane.
  6. When walking a mere half-mile to a church, your friend who is getting married sees you and pulls over in a luxury van with the groomsman and insists YOU SHOULD NOT BE WALKING NEAR THE HIGHWAY. (They call this a highway?)
  7. Not once will I ask, "Is that all there is?" when in NYC. In Spokane, the question arises frequently.
  8. Subway is used for catered lunches. Even without Jared, this is still beyond palatable.