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Spoiler alert: not a whole lot. I'm back from mat and am starting up a couple new Alzheimers's trials. But it takes a while and a lot of waiting.
  1. I made it to work before 8:30am
    This is a general goal in my day. I consider the day a success if I'm here before 8:30.
  2. Got my Coffee in
    I had to deal with the ultra nasty ultra controlling Mary Lou at Tim Hortons. If I give her change I have to put the individual coins on the counter one at a time. I have to order a baked good before ordering coffee (NEVER the other way around), and always order one thing at a time. Or she will bark "ONE THING AT A TIME". She starts my day off right 🙌
  3. Checked out the hospital buy and sell board
    I love seeing what people try and sell. A picture frame from Ikea for $10? Or the pictures they take. Like at least move the object from your dirty garage to take the picture.
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  1. The Pampers Cruisers commercial
    Who lets their kids diaper get that disgusting and full that the kid is now "cowboy" walking? I like how Pampers plays this off as a common occurrence. But the fact that my husband even noticed this oddity and said something means it's not normal.
  2. The word "mentality"
    I had a boyfriend in high school who thought he was really smart when he used that word. He wasn't smart. And he would constantly misuse the word. Despite me correcting him. Now when I hear the word, it gives me rage.
  3. People instagramming their 21 day fix
    Don't care that's it's day 8 and you are sweaty.
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  1. People I Know
    If say 83% of the time, if I see someone I recognize, I kinda go out of my to avoid them. If it's a close friend, obvi not. But people I used to work with? Yup. I stone faced a coworker from my previous job the other day. Just because I didn't want to make small talk.
  2. Going out to get food
    As in "I'm starving right now, what should I eat???" Id rather just rummage though the fridge/ freezer and just make something than leave the house and get fast food. My husband is the opposite. If he feels like a 5 cent candy, he'll get in the car and go.
  3. Driving across the city.
    I live in a largish city. But there are no through ways. It's incredibly annoying. I live on one side and work on the other. But it takes me half an hour to go 10km. Same with the better mall is in the north end and I'm in the south. Takes me FOREVER. I think I just hate driving.
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Alright frands. I work in clinical trials doing Alzhiemer's Research. And while we are researching disease modifying medication to help prevent/slow the progression of Alzheimer's, there are non-medical ways to help. Amyloid plaque forms in your brain 10-15 years before symptoms starts, so start preserving your brain now!
  1. Physical Activity
    It's good for your heart, your joints, your digestive system and your brain. Even if it's just walking. Resistance training is even better. Try for moderate intensity 30 minutes daily. You can do it! Start now, so that when you are 70 and decide you want to exercise, you can because you have been doing it all along. I see too many people who never exercise and when they older and they HAVE to, it's much more difficult.
  2. Social Engagement
    Put down the Luminosity. The only thing doing Luminosity is good for and being good at doing Luminosity. Social interaction requires much more brain use. So play cards with friends. Join a book club. Or better yet, go for a walk with a friend.
  3. Mediterranean Diet
    Diet that features legumes, nuts, fish, lean protein and not so much red beef. Veggies, olive oil, beans, salmon. It's good for your heart and good for your brain!
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  1. My name is Elsa
    I don't look like this. And until Frozen came out I could never find any paraphernalia with my name in it. I have met two other Elsas. One was a patient. The other worked in the core lab at the hospital. I used to get comments in how original my name was. Now I get dumb questions like "you must really like Frozen!?"
  2. I'm a Registered Nurse
    Complete with my BScN and I have diploma in Clinical Trials Management.
  3. I coordinate clinical trials
    For people with Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment. I mostly run drug trials for big pharmaceuticals. It's kinda depressing because I watch my patients progress. No one gets better.
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Inspired by @barefootmeds
  1. 6.
    Fresh sheets sleep
    There is nothing more lovely than going to bed in freshly washed sheets. It only lasts for that one night, and it's annoying to put the duvet cover on. But once you crawl in? Mmmmmmm.
  2. 5.
    The hangover nap
    I never sleep well when I drink. Ever. And then I wake up at some awful time, like 6:43am. I have never been that person that sleeps until noon after a night out. But come 1pm, I nap. And I nap hard.
  3. 4.
    The Sunday football nap
    I love naps. And I like them on the couch. I like them while Sunday football is on because my husband is so preoccupied that he doesn't even know I'm in the room. I grab me a blanket and nap away.
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I used to work on a bowel and plastic surgery (not the cosmetic kind) floor. I've seen some weird things. Which is generally resulted from weird people.
  1. Ball Packing
    My first day on the floor which happened to be my first day as a legit nurse and I got assigned a patient who needed a surgical wound in his balls packed. From a penile implant that got infected. To make matters worse he was bipolar and loopy as hell, forcing us to restrain him. He liked to spit and was hep C positive. FUN.
  2. Put my sack in the sack
    This guy was whack. He was a larger fellow and just lazy AF. He didn't like to get up to use the bathroom. And being a male, had the benefits of using a urinal at the bedside. Except he preferred not to. He preferred to pee in a plastic bag. I don't know which nurse was the first to give into this, but it was a night where I was picking my battles. As he needs to pee he says to me "just put my sack in that sack". Yes sir.
  3. Mono
    This guy was a frequent flyer. Apparently he would film himself putting things in his rectum. Put it on YouTube and have people pay him to do more. The first two times he put mono in his rectum. Which got him a colostomy. Which didn't stop him from doing it again.
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This is my first year as a mom on Mother's Day. These are my thoughts.
  1. It's been a hard 10 months
    We don't have a lot of family here that can help so it's my husband and I. While we can get a babysitter, we often don't because then we have to tack on $30 or $40 to whatever it is we are doing.
  2. My husband works full time
    He does 10 hour days/5 days a week. I LIVE for the weekend. Because then I can do things like take a shower longer than 3 minutes. Or make food without a baby on my hip.
  3. My husband means well
    But he chooses to do things that don't involve really giving me a break. Like cooking dinner. Or mowing the lawns. All things that need to be done, but all things that involve me watching our 10 month old. I love it. But everyone needs a break. Let me cook. And you chill with the baby.
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Computers and cell phones have been around for awhile. And granted I didn't grow up with them, I learned how to use them. And so did my 80 year old grandma. And everyone else my moms age (65). Except my mom
  1. She held up a floppy disc to the light once and asked why she could see the little print of the documents.
    This should have been our first clue.
  2. She has washed four cell phones.
  3. Her cell phone remains permanently beside her landline phone
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