Aight. I will.
  1. My name is Elsa
    I don't look like this. And until Frozen came out I could never find any paraphernalia with my name in it. I have met two other Elsas. One was a patient. The other worked in the core lab at the hospital. I used to get comments in how original my name was. Now I get dumb questions like "you must really like Frozen!?"
  2. I'm a Registered Nurse
    Complete with my BScN and I have diploma in Clinical Trials Management.
  3. I coordinate clinical trials
    For people with Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment. I mostly run drug trials for big pharmaceuticals. It's kinda depressing because I watch my patients progress. No one gets better.
  4. I used to work on a general surgery floor
    That, was fascinating work. People in general fascinate me.
  5. I have an 11 month baby
    Who will see to it that I am tested in every way possible.
  6. I have a miniature golden doodle
    She is a good dog. Except for the licking. I need the licking to stop. I'll be on the treadmill and she will stand beside me licking my legs as they fly past.
  7. I'm a "runner".
    This clip makes me laugh. My favourite race is the half marathon. I love the training involved. I ran my first post baby race in April. I trained 90% of it while pushing a stroller. I'm a goal oriented person. And training lines up well with those SMART goals.
  8. I've never eaten at Taco Bell
    And have no desire to start
  9. I have hiked the Grand Canyon
    When I was 16. My dad made us do it in the middle of the July. It was hot. People were dropping like flies.
  10. I have lived in Ontario always.
  11. I really want to get into Public Health or a research area that is more preventative health
    I want to help you not get sick in the first place!
  12. I'm almost 32
    I like being in my thirties. Because all of a sudden I just don't give any fucks.
  13. I love puns
    They are probably the funniest things ever. Nothing gets me chuckling harder than a pun. I'm busting a gut right now with that gif.
  14. I'm pretty badass at starting IVs and venipuncture
    I like a challenge. And I rarely meet someone I can't get a vein on.
  15. I love being outside.
    I'm outside right now. I love doing things outside. But mosquitos love me and I'm highly reactive to their bites. I'm like a fancy steak house to mosquitos. They have brawls over trying to get my blood.
  16. My favourite food combo is popcorn and strawberry milk
    With a straw.