I like most foods, but here are foods I just can't eat and the reasons why.
  1. Eggs
    I remember being little and eating eggs. Then one day my mom gave me a soft boiled egg and it tasted like mucous. I did branch out in University where I made an omelette. That's as eggy as I get. If anything it gets me out of cooking breakfast for my husband because I have no idea how to cook them.
  2. Bananas
    One day I ate a banana and I didn't like the way the centre looked. I also didn't like the strings that seem to hang off it. At restaurants I tell waiters that I'm allergic to bananas and I get my fruit salad sans banana. I will put them in a smoothie.
  3. Sausage
    Something amount the taste and grease. Once again, gets me out of cooking breakfast.
  4. Spaghetti
    I hate worms and snakes. Spaghetti is just too similar and when forced to eat it, all I can feel are snakes and worms in my mouth.
  5. Jello
    I find it creepy that something kinda solid just kinda breaks apart in your mouth. It also reminds me of worms. I TRY to do Jell-O shots. But it usually ends up with me gagging and running to the bathroom.
  6. Ham
    It just tastes hammy.
  7. Ceasers
    Actually, I do want to like Ceasers. I just can't. Like tomatoes. I like clams. I like vodka. But together makes my toe hair curl.
  8. Baked beans
    Just looking at them grosses me out. As a nurse, I've seen things of similar colour and consistency come out of people. And they are just mush.
  9. Taco Bell
    I've actually never had Taco Bell before. I'm just keeping the stretch alive. Same with KFC.
  10. Halloween foods that look like body parts
    I know people think this is great fun. But I think it's disgusting. I don't want to eat brains. I don't want peeled grapes as eye balls. As a child, this made me hate Halloween parties. I want my food to look like the food it is. Not a cut off finger.