Inspired by @Jakes
  1. People I Know
    If say 83% of the time, if I see someone I recognize, I kinda go out of my to avoid them. If it's a close friend, obvi not. But people I used to work with? Yup. I stone faced a coworker from my previous job the other day. Just because I didn't want to make small talk.
  2. Going out to get food
    As in "I'm starving right now, what should I eat???" Id rather just rummage though the fridge/ freezer and just make something than leave the house and get fast food. My husband is the opposite. If he feels like a 5 cent candy, he'll get in the car and go.
  3. Driving across the city.
    I live in a largish city. But there are no through ways. It's incredibly annoying. I live on one side and work on the other. But it takes me half an hour to go 10km. Same with the better mall is in the north end and I'm in the south. Takes me FOREVER. I think I just hate driving.
  4. Tequila shots
    As soon as I see or hear something about tequila shots I ghost. It's pretty much a guarantee vomit.
  5. Saying good bye by at a party/ bar
    Same thing. I ghost (and usually text a good friend as I'm in the cab that I'm going home). I just hate having to explain why I'm going home. Because I'm hungry! Gah.
  6. The work cafeteria
    I work in a hospital. The cafeteria BLOWS. I found a hair in my wrap once. I watched the worker put on latex gloves, open the freezer, grab a frozen burger, throw it in the grill and then proceed to make my wrap, fondling my meat and veggies with the same gloves. Gag. No thank you. And they always seem to mangle the dried out bagels.
  7. Speeches
    Public speaking is not my forte. And I will do anything including faking my own death to get out of public speaking.
  8. Mosquitos
    I hate the hold these bugs have on my life. But when I get bitten by a mosquito the bite swells up to the size of a small fist. It's actually horrifying. And it doesn't help that I am like a fancy steak house to them. Mosquitos don't even touch my husband. Because they are all swarmed on me.
  9. Group breakfasts
    I'm not really a morning person. I'm not a grump, but it just takes me about an hour to really get my brain moving. I also don't like a lot of breakfast food - eggs, sausages, ham. So the idea of going out to eat food I don't like in the morning and try to make conversation is not my idea of a good time.
  10. Sports with a ball
    I have no depth perception, so when I think the ball is far,it's usually close and I just miss it. My husband thinks it's funny to toss things at me while I frantically grab the air. I also have a hard time paying attention when there are so many people ripping around me and shouting and then I have a ball that could be potentially closer than I think. It's just a disaster.
  11. Driving other people
    It's like I have to devote all my brain power to listening to what the other person/people are saying that I can't remember if I should turn left or right. And then we are driving in circles and everyone is all "God Elsa! Don't you live here???" I'm a good driver. But only if there is no one in the car.