Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I don't wash my fruit before I eat it
    I usually give it a half ass wipe on my probably unlaundered pants and call it clean.
  2. I eat raw bread dough.
    And once I start I can't stop. By the time I pull myself away from it I'm probably baking loaf in my stomach.
  3. I don't wash my hands after the bathroom
    BUT ONLY WHEN I AM AT HOME!!!! I honestly hate washing my hands because soap always dries them out and then I am on a quest to find hand lotion.
  4. I eat insane amounts of food
    Sometimes I will crush a whole frozen pizza. And my husband will come home and say "did you eat that whole pizza?" And I will give him the side eye and not respond. None of ya business. But yes, yes I did.