Spoiler alert: not a whole lot. I'm back from mat and am starting up a couple new Alzheimers's trials. But it takes a while and a lot of waiting.
  1. I made it to work before 8:30am
    This is a general goal in my day. I consider the day a success if I'm here before 8:30.
  2. Got my Coffee in
    I had to deal with the ultra nasty ultra controlling Mary Lou at Tim Hortons. If I give her change I have to put the individual coins on the counter one at a time. I have to order a baked good before ordering coffee (NEVER the other way around), and always order one thing at a time. Or she will bark "ONE THING AT A TIME". She starts my day off right 🙌
  3. Checked out the hospital buy and sell board
    I love seeing what people try and sell. A picture frame from Ikea for $10? Or the pictures they take. Like at least move the object from your dirty garage to take the picture.
  4. I chatted with my coworker about travel
    My boss is going to France to do some cooking classes. So jealous.
  5. One of the doctors brought in donuts
    My general rule is that is okay to eat a donut if someone buys it for you. So I ate one.
  6. I scrolled through my work calendar
    I just came back from mat leave so it's pretty empty. But it makes me look busy
  7. Worked on some source documents
    But the formatting kept screwing up so I gave up.
  8. My boss gave me a bunch of articles to read
    On cognitive vitality. I needed a definition for a consent form. Turns out the term is pretty subjective. Reminds me of the "definition of healthy" for individual people. That health is not the absence of disease. I got excited for the articles. But now that I read them I'm reminded of how much I hate reading scholarly papers.
  9. Read about the development of the little embryo inside me of.
    Looks like a tadpole/creature from Alien.
  10. Worked on this list
    Because I'm just looking for stuff to do
  11. Pumped
    I have a love hate relationship with pumping. It's great for my daughter, but a total pain the the ass.
  12. Drew some blood
    Tommy needed a blood draw. I wasn't doing anything. The patient asked if he could bring his dog the next time, I said "YAAASSS! We love puppies here".
  13. The I clock watched for 15 minutes until it was noon.
    I have a rule that I can't eat lunch before noon. If I eat before noon then I run the risk of running out of food for the remainder of the day. Hungry is a serious issue with me and I do not take it lightly.