Snark up ahead (because it's 2015, guys).
  1. But you eat fish, right?
    No, that's a pescatarian. (I know, it's hard to keep track of the different "-arians," so this doesn't actually bug me, but I do get this a lot.)
  2. How do you get your protein?
    Because nothing else in the world contains protein outside of meat and poultry. See: (Clearly, this one actually does bug me.)
  3. I tried being vegetarian once. I lasted X days.
    Wait...vegetarianism is not for everyone? What?! (I don't believe in pushing my eating habits on anyone, especially because I didn't go veg for ethical reasons, so good on ya for trying, and I don't begrudge you your meat.)
  4. I could totally be veg if I was in a place where I could get fresh produce every day.
    I live in a major city. Fresh produce is available everywhere (very luckily).
  5. I could never be veg because I would miss X.
    See #3.
  6. Isn't it hard when you travel?
    Ten years ago, maybe. Nowadays, even meat-and-potatoes countries like England and Ireland have a variety of options.