Apart from seeing family and friends, sleeping in, and snuggling with my dog.
  1. Visit the Metropolitan Museum
    Especially because I get in for free as a Random Pengwing.
  2. Eat at the Bryant Park holiday market
    Marty's V Burger, I'm coming for you.
  3. See Henry IV at the new St. Ann's Warehouse
    I love St. Ann's and have been dying to see their new space. Not to mention, this gender bending production of Henry IV has gotten rave reviews. Here's hoping I can get rush tix on Sunday!
  4. And some other theatre, too.
    I was able to snag $20 seats to the new Billie Joe Armstrong show, These Paper Bullets, so that's definitely happening. And there's the possibility of one more.
  5. See Mockingjay: Part II
    Did they need to split it into two movies? No. But it's a holiday tradition for a friend and I, and we're excited to be going. Plus, I got discounted movie passes through work.
  6. And possibly other movies.
    I'm dying to see Brooklyn and The Danish Girl.
  7. Do some clothes shopping.
    The last thing I want to do is fight crowds of tourists on 34th Street, but my pencil skirt is ready to unravel.
  8. Watch the Thanksgiving Parade and the dog show.
    With my dog. So meta.
  9. Stuff my face with Thanksgiving goodies.
  10. Knit a scarf for my Secret Santa.
    This might not happen.
  11. Possibly binge on a new TV show.
    Last Thanksgiving, it was Dexter. I'm not sure if there's anything new I'm dying to start, but we'll see!