Emojis I consistently use and what I mean when I use them in place of words.
  1. 💁🏼
    "Obvi" as in "obviously I agree with your statement".
  2. 😒
    Whatever. Fuck off. You're annoying.
  3. 😌
    This is more of a feeling of satisfaction. Usually after a well delivered burn. A sense of accomplishment and pride. Also pretentiousness.
  4. 😘
    Thank you with love or you said something cute.
  5. 😙
    Little kiss. Not as much love as the other, but still affectionate.
  6. 😗
    The face I make when I do something shady/wrong and I'm hoping this kiss will make it better.
  7. 😩
    Whining. Just plain whining. Typically whining because I don't want to do something or whining because I'm not getting my way.
  8. ☝🏼️
    My sassy in your face finger. Once you see it in real life, you'll know exactly what I mean.