The worst ladies room offenders at work

Bafflingly gross. Based on years of unfortunate "observation". Don't be one of these, your office friends will thank you (silently)
  1. Ladies in charge who NEVER wash their hands
    A fairly common ailment for the office ruling class. Do they not realize how foul it is to know that the person hovering over your desk, touching your stuff, didn't wash up after using the loo? If you want to contaminate your own space with your vagina germs be my guest-just don't let me see you using my special coffee mug ever again.
  2. The Floater
    Sometimes... Just sometimes there is a person in your office where over the course of several years of employment mysteriously always leaves something behind and by your keen powers of observation and deductive abilities you come to realize they are the culprit you hoped you would never find.
  3. The Groaner
    Don't need to say much in this one other than-if you are groaning in pain or pleasure in a public restroom, you may need to seek some professional help either from your MD or psychiatrist.
  4. The Chronic Water Conservationist
    I live in CA where soon people will be rioting in the streets for water. I have no problem with "yellow its mellow", but when someone chronically doesn't flush and there is a crazy "werewolves ripped my innards apart in this bathroom and I left this here so someone can call the authorities and/or go get some silver bullets" thing happening in there... We have a problem. A toilet is like magic, just flush. People will be grateful & won't worry you have a horrific alien space bug in your gut.