Weekends actually suck, here are a few reasons why.
  1. Some work asshole starts sending you email messages at 11:53pm on Saturday night when you forgot to turn the ringer off on your phone
    So you are compelled to open them after too many glasses of wine.
  2. Kids... They won't get up for school on time during the week, but are up at 6:30 weekend mornings demanding breakfast and cartoons.
  3. When you finally are getting into bed after a great night out and realize your asshole cat pissed on your pillow.
    Maybe this only happens to me?
  4. Little league.
    It is THE WORST
  5. Waking up to a giant envelope (again) on your front porch from your (apparently very bored) neighbor with articles about parenting inside and how your particular brand of it is ruining the future leaders of the world.