2015: Pros & Cons

It's been a good year but it's had some bad moments.
  1. Pro: Still dating my boyfriend. It's been a little over a year now and it's been nothing but fantastic.
  2. Con: Lost my best furry friend. She was only five. A brain aneurism took her from me.
  3. Pro: I'm doing well in school and college is almost over.
  4. Pro: I live in an amazing city. Boston is a great place to be.
  5. Con: I haven't seen many of my best friends this year because they live in different states and we are all too broke to travel on our own dime.
  6. Pro/Con: My parents moved to France. It's great for international travel but not so great when I want to get a hold of them.
  7. This next one is *technically* from 2014 but it happened on the edge so I'm counting it
  8. Con: My cat of 10 years passed away peacefully. I'm glad his passing was peaceful in nature but I wish I could have been there for him.
  9. Pro: My migraines have gotten less severe as my doctors work to get the right medication for me.
  10. Pro: 1989 by Taylor Swift ruled my life
  11. Pro: Jessica Jones, The Martian, Mad Max
  12. Con: Similar to my family moving problem, my brother is in college in Nebraska while my sister is with my parents in France. I'm close with both my siblings and the lack of contact is difficult.
  13. Pro: It's in every year but it always makes me happy: my birthday. This year I saw Taylor Swift with my boyfriend.
  14. Pro: I had a fantastic internship at the Boston Municipal Courthouse.
  15. Pro: I lived through the snowiest winter on record in Boston.
  16. Con: I lived through the snowiest winter on record in Boston.
  17. Pro: I'm alive, happy, and healthy (ish).
  18. The New Year will bring lots more of ups and downs. So, bring it on.