A Picture for Every Month of 2015 🖼

Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. January: Stumbled upon a Hobbit poster being thrown out and saved it from the clutches of death
  2. February: A night of friends and beer. The basics of college.
  3. March: A drink created out of what was left in my liquor cabinet and named after my favorite janitor.
  4. April: The sun decided to show up.
  5. May: Took a road trip half way cross the country and back to go to my bother's grad party and see these losers.
  6. June: My keepsake from the passing of my best friend.
  7. July: Patriotic AF.
  8. August: My first croissant in my parent's new country of France.
  9. September: A free Panic at the Disco concert where we felt nothing but old.
  10. October: My favorite person turned 21 leaving me in the world of the 20s and bar-less.
  11. November: I got to attend Comics Come Home which was an amazing and hysterical experience.
  12. December: Went on my first family vaca since I was about 8. We went to the spectacular Barcelona.