In no particular order. I love them all. And I'm sure there are lots of people I forgot.
  1. Billie Piper
    Her portrayal of Rose Tyler made me cry more than I've cried for most people. I rock out to her early pop music. And man, every show she does is quality.
  2. Jensen Ackles
    Such an undervalued actor. As Dean in Supernatural he plays the only other character that I have seriously cried over as much as a real human being, who matters to me. And I still may have cried over Dean more.
  3. Natalie Dormer
    She gives the world the perfect Miss Margaery Tyrell. Not to mention she is sex embodied. I haven't watched Elementary yet but I'm sure she's amazing in it.
  4. Gal Gadot
    I've been waiting for a new Wonder Woman for so long. I haven't seen the movie yet but just knowing she is there makes me so happy. I can't thank Gal enough for doing this.
  5. Emilia Clarke
    She seems like such a warm person but she plays Dany so well. Mother of Dragons 🐉
  6. Richard Madden
    King of the North, too handsome for his own good. He was also great in Klondike.
  7. I like BJ but I love to hate Ryan Howard. BJ is cool, created this app, and helped write The Office. Ryan was on again off again with Kelly and used Michael's feelings for him.
  8. Andrew Lincoln
    Rick Grimes is all I've seen him as but I can't picture him as anything else. I'd follow him through an apocalypse.
  9. Lauren Cohan
    Maggie in TWD, Bela in Supernatural, just a talented wonderful woman.
  10. Martin Freeman
    He's such a lovely old grump and a fantastic actor. From Sherlock to The Hobbit to Fargo, I adore Martin.
  11. Robin Wright
    She's been a hero of mine since the Princess Bride. She was great in Forest Gump and from what I've seen of House of Cards she keeps up the good work.
  12. Mindy is hysterical. I love how Kelly turned out in The Office and I'm loving The Mindy Project.
  13. Krysten Ritter
    She slayed in Jessica Jones but the much lesser known Bitch in Apartment 23 is also amazing, as are all her performances.
  14. David Tennant
    A giant dork who I can't get enough of. Rocks in Doctor Who, Jessica Jones, Hamlet, and everything.
  15. David Duchovny
    He's incredibly lovable in The X-Files and his friendship with Gillian Anderson is so endearing.
  16. Gillian Anderson
    I love everything I read about her. She seems like such an interesting person.
  17. Hannah Simone
    She recently took her elderly cats on an adventure in a camper and it was one of the coolest things I've seen.
  18. Zooey Deschanel
    She kills it as Jessica Day. I always enjoy her and her doe eyes. (I could put the entire main cast of new girl on here put I'm sticking with my two favorites)
  19. Rachael Taylor
    I'd never seen her in anything until Jessica Jones but once I did I was instantly in love with her. All I want is to see more of her.
  20. Jenna gave the world Pam. I will be forever thankful for that.
  21. John Krasinski
    He is the dream. A Boston sports fan, played Jim, just a cool guy. I assume.
  22. Cobie Smulders
    She is incredible. She went straight from the end of HIMYM to Marvel without skipping a beat. And she's a bamf in both places.
  23. Pedro Pascal
    It's not fair that he is this handsome and talented but he is! His death was BRUTAL in GoT because we all loved him but now he's in Narcos so we're getting our fix for now.
  24. Rachel McAdams
    She's got such a range. She can be Regina George or that detective in True Detective. Or all those rompcomps in between. What a lady.
  25. Tom Hardy
    I'm pretty sure he can do anything acting wise. He made Oscar season this year. His grunts are the best grunts.
  26. Charlize Theron
    She made Mad Max, proving she doesn't need to be made up like a beauty queen to act. She's incredible.
  27. Hayley Atwell
    I've only seen her in the Marvel universe but she is wonderful in it. I hope to see more from her. And she rocks that style.
  28. Jason Momoa
    I have never cared about Aquaman before but I'm so stoked now. And I tear up every time I think of his death in GoT.
  29. Ryan Reynolds
    I was indifferent to him then I was forced to see Green Lantern at midnight and hated him. Then Deadpool came out and now I adore him. 🦄 he and Blake lively are so gorgeous. Their baby will be some kind of super beauty.
  30. Blake Lively
    Her Instagram descriptions are such typical girl descriptions and I love it. She must be a blast to chill with. Her love for her husband is insane.
  31. Emma Watson
    She fights for my rights and the rights of everyone. She also played Hermione, a character I looked up to growing up. She is the
  32. Kesha
    I saw her in concert once and it was one of the best days of my life. I only wish there was more fans could do to help her in her time of need.
  33. Lady Gaga
    She is a true artist. She's inspiring and her recent song about sexual assault has helped so many.
  34. Taylor Swift
    I saw her in concert on my birthday thanks to my boyfriend. It was an unforgettable night. I love that she writes her own music, it makes me connect with it more.
  35. Selena Gomez
    She is adorable. Her music is great to dance to and her friendship with Taylor is awesome because they always raise each other up.
  36. Rob Lowe
    The man never ages. He also can act like a maniac.
  37. Rashida Jones
    I love her. Everything I've seen her do has been great. She also tweets about important things.
  38. Gwen Stefani
    I grew up listening to No Doubt then to her own music and now her new music. I'm so excited she's back.
  39. Rihanna
    She doesn't care what anyone thinks of her which is such an important trait to have. It allows her to do anything. And what she does is exceptional.
  40. Hilary Duff
    Her music was hot shit when I was in elementary school. I knew all the lyrics to every song. Now I follow her on Instagram.
  41. P!nk
    Her music has gotten me through all the angsty times in my life. She's pretty inspirational.
  42. Anderson Cooper
    He calls people out while looking incredible. Adorable doesn't even begin to cover it.
  43. John Oliver
    He may mock himself for looking like a bird but I think his nerdy look works for him. I also love everything he does. A week that Last Week Tonight is not on the air is a very sad week.
  44. Matt Damon
    Bourne, Mars, rotten cop, what can't he do? He's talented AF and I love seeing what he creates.
  45. Chris Pine
    He's such a dork. I've read about the pranks he does on set and they're hysterical. He makes a great Captain Kirk, among other characters.