This will be brief
  1. George
    From the second grade all the way until the fourth I was as in love this little blonde soccer player. Or as in love an elementary school kid can be. We were horribly mean to each other all the time but I would still dress extra cute when I knew I was going to see him. He even came to my baseball games. It was love. But I moved after the fourth grade and long distance crushes in elementary school are hard to keep up.
  2. Devin
    He had strawberry blonde hair and was in my social studies class in the sixth grade. He sat right next to me and we made fun of the class constantly. One day he did the "olive juice" thing where the person mouths olive juice and the other person assumes they said I love you but I figured it was a trick so I just played dumb. Sadly he moved at the end of sixth grade so this was never explored.
  3. And that's about it.
  4. Those are my only real crushes in my youth.
  5. From then life moves to eighth grade where I start dating and I'm a teen and life gets crazy.