I've been up since 4:30am and according to my Fitbit I only slept for 53 minutes.
  1. I attempted to sleep, and then attempted some more.
  2. I'm used to insomnia coming and going
  3. But tonight was bad so I turned to Netflix at around 5am
  4. I watched an NCIS episode
  5. Still not tored
  6. Then I started a Charles Manson documentary where they are searching for any bodies at either of the Manson family ranches.
  7. Interesting but not a lot of new information
  8. Now I'm watching a NOVA special
  9. Mind of a Rampage Killer
  10. It's from 2013 but sadly still relevant
  11. Highly informative and interesting
  12. I would recommend it
  13. It's now 7:36am and I have class at 9:15.
  14. I hope you all slept well!