I don't do much with my life but soon it's going to blow up.
  1. I'm currently in college
  2. Majority of my time is spent in class or reading for class and doing homework
  3. The free time I do have is spent binge watching on Netflix
  4. Going to few and far between parties with my boyfriend
  5. Drinking cider and eating junk food
  6. Or watching my bf play video games which is more entertaining than one would think
  7. Having just found out I'm graduating at the end of the summer I now need to get my shit together and figure out where/what I'm doing
  8. And so the scrambling begins: do I take the LSAT and go straight to law school? Do I take time off and chill with my parents in France? Do I work?
  9. Who knows man
  10. Life is tough but I'm excited
  11. So I'll be more exciting soon
  12. Hopefully