It's not Thanksgiving but I can still be thankful.
  1. The love in my life
    Romantic, familial, love from an animal, the love of a friend.
  2. Good entertainment
    Television (Doctor Who, Supernatural, The Office) Movies (Mad Max: Fury Road, Django, Step Brothers) Books (The Princess Bride, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Neat, Frankenstein) Music (Taylor Swift, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna)
  3. Animals
    My parents just got two new dogs. There are squirrels everywhere on campus. Baby goslings in the fens. I love them all (except the grown up monster geese).
  4. Education
    I have three classes left then I'm done with college but not done learning.
  5. Food
    I could be starving, but I'm lucky to have a full fridge.
  6. Shelter
    It's a dorm but it's place to sleep and put my stuff down.
  7. Water
    Access to water whenever I need it.
  8. On bad days it's good to remember all I do have.