Lilly and Dora

My family's new pups
  1. Lilly
    She's so very timid. She was kicked when she was very young and this has caused her to be immensely skittish. She's so sweet though.
  2. Dora
    She's still timid but less so. She's the more adventurous of the two.
  3. They're sisters.
    They had a brother but he was lost before they were requested. They lived in a refugee camp in Macedonia and traveled from there to my parents house in France.
  4. Percy
    This bud is the dog my family already has. He is neurotic and loves my dad an insane amount. He's been good with the girls and they know he's in charge.
  5. Dora smelling a flower
  6. Chilling in the sun
  7. Napping in mom's feet
  8. I can't wait to meet them