Not So Guilty Pleasures

There are no such things. So I will list things I enjoy.
  1. Netflix
    I will never run out of things to watch thanks to the workers at Netflix. Thanks guys.
  2. Alcohol
    In many different kinds and flavored but I enjoy cider or whiskey the most. For shots I'll take tequila again and again.
  3. Snacks
    Whether it's Swiss Rolls (Little Debbie) or nachos or whatever I'm having that day, snacks are so important to my life.
  4. Comfort
    I'm constantly cold so I often bring a blanket with me places and have at least four on my bed at a time. If there isn't a blanket on your couch and I'm coming over, we both better hope I'm bringing my own or you have a spare.
  5. Water
    I really love water. Drinking it, playing in it in the summer or throwing frozen shreds of it at people.