1. Charlie
  2. Dee
    Her attempts at feminism and empowerment while at the same time being sexist and horrible are wonderful.
  3. Frank
    His man-cheetah was great. All his weirdness adds up into magic.
  4. Mac
    He can be so tragically dumb but thinks he is so smart. He tries so hard to be the leader and strong and straight but he fails at all of it. Oh Mac.
  5. Cricket
    Priest turned street rat
  6. Dennis
    Serial rapist and potential murder with so many psychological issues that I could dive into
  7. The McPoyles
    As gross as they are, you've got to love them. They are so entertaining. Even with their incest.
  8. Artemis
    What an insane woman
  9. The Waitress
    She is not as bad as the gang is but she is still a pretty shitty person.
  10. Maureen Ponderosa
    That dead tooth