1. I love my brother and sister
  2. They're my biological best friends
  3. And I don't know what I would do without them
  4. But I have acquired many more siblings throughout my life
  5. Dmitri
    My childhood best friend. We met in fourth grade and spent more time with each other that year than with our parents. I ended up moving but I still went back and visited, always making sure to see him. Now he's basically family.
  6. Kim
    We met in middle school. If you can make it through middle school with someone and still be friends, then you can do anything. I'm going to her sister's wedding in October because her family is my family.
  7. Cassie
    My high school babe. I moved in high school and had some bumps but once Cassie and I started hanging out life started working out. She's a fantastic woman who is always there for me. Gotta love a girl who likes my mom almost as much as I do.
  8. Raseel
    We explored Ireland together while taking on the start of college. This girl has my back any day. She's a firecracker who loves to the extreme.
  9. These are the people I could call at any second for help and I know they'd be there but probably still give me shit about it
  10. As siblings should