Bucket list
  1. Restore an old car
    Preferably an old mustang but I'll take what I can get.
  2. Become a bartender
    Knowing all those drink recipes would be so much power.
  3. Go to Comic Con
    Nerd heaven
  4. Vegas
    For the shows, drinks, and the gambling. Bring it on.
  5. Three Way
    Devil's of course. 😏
  6. Maid of Honor
    All of my best friends are fantastic people, hence the best friendship, so I want to make their wedding as great as possible.
  7. Octoberfest
  8. Star Trek/Supernatural Conventions
    I want to celebrate my favorite things with people who understand.
  9. Smoking Jacket
    You've gotta have a smoking jacket when you're smoking classy cigars.
  10. Travel to More Countries
    Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Scotland, New Zealand, and revisit Ireland
  11. Witness the Tour de France
    My childhood dream was to be in the Tour de France but with all my health problems that'll never happen so instead I'd love to watch it.