The Few Movies I Can Watch Endlessly

I'm not a movie person but these movies I can always watch.
  1. Django
    Jamie Foxx is incredible in this. Leo is stupidly good. Christoph Waltz is perfect as always. Samuel L Jackson plays a different character from his norm. And Kerry Washington is fantastic.
  2. Mad Max: Fury Road
    Everyone in this movie rules. I can't have a favorite because they're all too fantastic. I can actually finish watching this movie and restart it immediately.
  3. Lone Survivor
    This is my go to cry movie. I know what happens but I cry every time. The fact that it's a true story only makes me cry harder. I celebrate all these men.
  4. The entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended edition)
    I watch these when I'm sick. If I'm not better by then, there's a real problem. I also just rewatch very often as everyone should.
  5. The Martian
    I've always loved Matt Damon and this is almost purely him. It's hysterical. And science-y which I love.
  6. The Dark Knight
    This is the movie that started my love affair with Batman. I saw it on my birthday and it forever changed my life. I will be down to watch it always.
  7. The Shawshank Redemption
    The movie that almost everyone agrees is the best movie of all time. A great way to spend an afternoon. Or all afternoons.