A reflection on my sexual experiences.
  1. CB
    We took each other's virginities. It was sweet and nice just like I had hoped it would be. We dated for a year and a half more before breaking up.
  2. BD
    We hooked up during a summer and fulfilled what each other needed.
  3. BA
    We had sex twice and neither time was phenomenal but it scratched the itch.
  4. LB
    I was drunk but not enough to not know what I was doing. He asked at least 10 times if it was ok, no exaggeration. The sex was rough but good.
  5. EL
    I had sex with him once, on my birthday. It was fine but not great.
  6. JM
    Best sex I ever had. He was the first person to ever bring me to orgasm. We dated for about two years.