What Got Me Through Today's Break Up

My boyfriend and I broke up today. It wasn't a surprise but it still hurt. Our lives are just going in different directions. But I was saved from the sorrow by many things such as
  1. Supernatural
    For such a dramatic and heart breaking show, it shouldn't cheer me up but it really does.
  2. Frozen OJ
    It's a great cheap dessert
  3. Two boxes of tissues
  4. Mini m&ms
    The best m&ms
  5. Salt and Vinegar Chips
  6. My friends
    Calling and texting me to make sure I was ok. Along with constant snapchats to keep me entertained.
  7. My family
    My brother was sending me snaps of a kitten and telling me to blast Adele/TSwizzle. My dad got me on the first flight he could to visit my best friend. My mom checked in on me periodically. My sister was angry for me. My grandpa called and told me not to do drugs.