10 thoughts that pass through my mind at preciously 8PM every night

This illustrates exactly how lame my life is
  1. I really need to go clean the kitchen. I wonder how many empty cans husband left in the sink?
  2. I don't want to get off this couch. Is there anything else I can look at on my phone?
  3. Hmmmm maybe my HomeRoutines app. Let's see, I got dressed this morning, and made the bed.... Oh, I vacuumed too. Hmmm that's three things done, still have a bunch here.
  4. Really should get off my phone and go clean now.
  5. I am so beat, I want to be sure to be IN BED by 9. Oh that will be so nice.
  6. Just a few more minutes on Facebook then I am cleaning the kitchen, washing my face, brushing my teeth, and going to bed.
  7. Crap it's 8:30. I'll clean the kitchen now.
  8. That wasn't so bad. Might as well get ready for bed now.
  9. Ahhhh feels great to lie down! I'm not super tired though. Maybe watch an episode of Gilmore Girls?
  10. Oh geez it's 9:30. Ok. Just one more.
  11. I wonder what happens with Jess and Rory? Ok. One more!
  12. Gosh these episodes are long. Only Galway through the episode? F it I'm going to sleep. Glance at clock. WHAT? 10:30?!