Favorite Memories Ft Murly Yang

hbd to my best friend in da 🌎
  1. That time you went to go get a napkin and then dropped it into your tomato soup like a foolish fool
    a foolish fool ah say
  2. Whenever the first time was that I noticed the mounting pile of napkins following you around
  3. That time in Nolan's that we saw Dexter putting food into a to-go box and we had to explain to the lady behind the counter that we had a class with him and that he is a fool
    a foolish fool ah say ah-gain
  4. The time when you went on a plane to Madrid to save me from a miserable time and we stayed in a tiny hotel room and I lived in constant fear of getting caught even though it turns out nobody cared
    Also the time in that hotel room when we were getting ready to go out and you tried on every outfit that we combined had with us and I was like "Emily I literally just gave you the shirt off my back" 😂
  5. The time we were on the brink of separation and marathoned the Newsroom
  6. SARU's Night Out 😁
  7. The time you didn't tell me that I should watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt even though you knew about it before me and tbh this is not a favorite memory at all
  8. All the uber rides
    Esp for uber pool and the same guy who picked you up at Whole Foods twice and then said the dreaded f*** fr*** words during the car ride
  9. That STUPID time when you left your contract for the ☎️ building on your bed so then I went and got it and forgot mine on your bed in the process and then after Yunfan realized she'd forgotten hers too
  10. That time you read Anna and the French Kiss
  11. Whatever we talked about that night with Slow Sam on the way to Play Fair and when you asked if you could keep your shoes with mine
  12. But not the time after when Play Fair sucked and then I didn't know which shoes were yours and if I should wait for you or not
  13. The time I wrote you that white board apology note
  14. That time you wore a giant t-shirt to a frat party... I think this was the same night Rami took us out a sus back door and we left Ashism behind
    This was actually a terrible time. Someway through writing this list it changed from "Favorite Memories" to "Memories"
  15. That time we sat on the steps of Barnes and Noble
  16. All the times I called you after Tutorial because I was drained and tired and every time I woke you up and then felt bad but still did it the next week anyway
    Also known as all the times you never rose like Nosferatu
  17. The Office
  18. Puchner's class and staying up all night to edit Belay, which I still love
  19. Teh amizihg emiasl fmro Mry fbravett
  20. The time that Robert Roper got served
  21. The existential crisis you had during the Medieval World final/all of our studying prep where we taught each other the entire class and there was that one area that you knew so well and I can't remember what it was now
  22. "Why are you making that face, Yunfan?"
  23. The time we got the worst housing lottery number and ended up in McCoy
  24. The time we walked home from McCoy and saw the lone cupcake smashed on the ground and then the next day it was on the Hopkins snapchat
  25. All the times you've come to support me for Irish dancing, film, whatever was stressing me out at the moment
  26. The time you listened to me freak out about Brandon for an hour and then it was all a joke haha so funny I knew that 😊😊😊
  27. The time we saw Silver Linings Playbook and Bradley Cooper lifts Jennifer Lawrence all wrong and I died laughing
    "You don't want to go back to Baltimore, do you?"
  28. Anytime I have ever had to avoid making eye contact with you for fear of laughing during class/uber rides/awkward social interactions
  29. The time you chauffeured us all to the Dizz for my birthday but then had to leave for your APTT shift
  30. The time I saw your llama keychain in the rain and knew you were home
  31. All the bubble tea drinking and Urth Cafe-ing and Blockheads-ing and sightseeing in LA
  32. All the times I didn't support you on your diets/when I laughed at you about the fried sandwich in the FFC
    HAHAHAHHAA I am still laughing at you sorry
  33. The time we got our ears pierced together and for me it symbolizes your importance in my life but for you it just CLOSED UP WOWWWWW #daworst
    I don't know how all these bad memories keep making it onto the list
  34. The time you called me outside the AMRs about pledging AKPsi and it was raining and dramatic
  35. Every time I went to visit you without asking in Clark and then Sam Fink would answer instead and it was just a mess
  36. The never-to-be-repeated final with Lucy Bucknell for Intro pt II
  37. The time when your salad looked really ugly and mine was so beautiful
    Do you remember that? I wanted to Instagram the comparison. Sorry I probably shouldn't mention it. Might be a sensitive subject. And the kind of thing that no one would remember but me
  38. All of my birthdays eating cake on the floor with just forks (usually when you had some kind of contagious wasting disease)
  39. The amazing snaps you send
  40. All of our conversations that last for hours and hours and we don't even know how it happens every time
  41. and lastly...
  42. When I named Gilbert Dennis Yang and then you married him on fb
    Gillz billz 🐳 + Murly Yang 👸 4eva