My current cellular device has been previously misidentified as a "drug phone." Perhaps it is time for a change.
  1. GPS
    I get lost going literally EVERYWHERE. Honestly GPS probably wouldn't even help because it's not like I can read a map.
  2. Uber
    Uber is always good for people with zero sense of direction. And I've found that uber is where I really shine socially. Emily's score has gone up by .1 since I started managing her uber social interactions. A whole .1!!
  3. No more minutes
    Right now my phone uses minutes which is ARCHAIC AND CRUEL AND SHOULD BE OUTLAWED. Sometimes I have only a few minutes and I need to call someone to come save me from the ditch I've navigated myself into and then I get two unimportant texts and the minutes are gone and I'm trapped forever.
  4. Easier contacting ability
    I don't like to call Emily. I like to call and text and tweet and email and snapchat (and now ListApp) when I have to talk to her. This would be way easier if all these apps were in a central location.