Things I enjoy doing when I am not operating my facility or otherwise engaged with horses. Things I must do to remain balanced and happy
  1. Cooking dinner. Tonight it's homemade lo mein.
  2. Knitting. Done it for years and years. It's relaxing and gratifying. I always try to make attractive useful things. -> current scarf project
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  3. Reading non-fiction books. As a child I asked why a lot. As an adult I seek those answers. Currently reading 1493
  4. Writing. Journal, blog, stress log. Whatever. The catharsis is getting it out.
  5. Laughing with friends. Don't do this enough. I am so lucky to know incredibly talented performers and makers. They are a riot and always great company.
  6. Political muckity mucking. Be it a hearing on a bill, a rally, or a meeting for a local group I support. I have to remember I am part of the solution.