Things I've learned from having cancer

Because one can learn in any situation...
  1. Life is truly too short for crying over spilled milk
    Warning: cliche
  2. People will show their true colors in the midst of adversity
    This has been a positive experience!
  3. Faith can truly move mountains
    Especially of fear, anxiety & stress
  4. Health is not to be taken for granted
    Even taking a shower is arduous
  5. You have to be your own advocate in your healthcare experience
    Another cliche
  6. IV benedryl is the worst
  7. People stare at bald women
  8. Great insurance is a luxury
  9. Having a day to yourself is truly priceless
  10. The most necessary treatment is the most costly
  11. Being 29 and going through "menopause" is something that will not be on my bucket list