Anime I've Watched (in no particular order)

This list is simply for me to keep track of the anime I watch. I've always been curious about anime, and I've been wanting to get into it, so I've began watching a few here and there. Hopefully this list grows more in the future!
  1. ~ Kino no Tabi/ Kino's Beautiful Journey ~
    My opinion on it: Quite a philosophical anime, and very deep. It got me thinking about many things I don't usually think about. May have made me cry a bit (a lot) especially at the last episode- sorry, no spoilers 😜 Also, loved the characters, especially Kino! She's so freaking cool! 💕
  2. ~ Orange ~
    My opinion on it: I. Loved. It. ❤ It was so emotional and beautiful all the way throughout. Kept me on my toes too! I love how it wasn't completely predictable, how it keeps you wondering what'll happen next. Just a very touching story, with a lot more to it than I initially thought. Oh, and the title finally makes sense now, which is good because I really like its symbolism! 👍🏻