concerts I've been to...

Favourite to slightly less favourite.
  1. •
    Arcade Fire
    A modern orchestra. Phenomenal.
  2. •
    The White Stripes
    Their last tour and I got to go. Yeah, I kinda lucked out.
  3. •
    Vampire Weekend
    How could they not be near the top?
  4. •
    City and Colour
    The voice of an angel and a spectacular venue. ✅ and ✅
  5. •
    Bishop Briggs
    Loved the small venue. And her voice👌🏼
  6. •
    Emily Haines' voice 👌🏼
  7. •
    Yukon Blonde
    Not because I'm their biggest fan but dancing 2 feet from the stage at a vineyard...that's a tough concert experience to beat.
  8. •
    Jack Johnson
    One of my favourite artists when I was young...which was when I got to see him. 13 years old at The Gorge.
  9. •
    Saddledome. Justin and Jaclyn, great times. I have a video of them playing 'I Am The Walrus.' Unfortunately you can really only hear me.
  10. •
    Mother Mother
    Key City Theatre. I can't say I love concerts I have to sit down at.
  11. •
    Bare-Naked Ladies
    I was 8 when I saw them. At that point, it was probably a highlight of my life.