1. People jumping out of the bus
    When it broke down and smoke started filling in.
  2. When I almost got shredded
    By a passenger on a motorbike carrying a saw, blade out.
  3. Fighting with John...
    To do what we paid to do, a walking safari.
  4. The driver not stopping...
    To let us pee on our safari in Kenya. 'That guy's my friend.'
  5. Being bit by the very dog who was paid to protect me.
  6. Every aspect of the Memorial
    From the entry to the downing of the wine to the after-party.
  7. Rat problems.
    So many nights.
  8. Borrowing a cat.
    To destroy the rat. He succeeded.
  9. Near-drowning experience in the way back from the ship.
    Partially due to my stupid exercise shirt.
  10. Having to bury two, tiny adorable animals.
    Kim-Chi & Paisley. R.I.P.
  11. Bf Suma products.
  12. February's living situation.
    From sleeping in a hammock to everything else. 'What did you do in here?'
  13. Eliya.
    Almost legitimately biting Easton's finger off.
  14. Almost being squished to death...
    On the bus, by some of the biggest butts in the world.
  15. Ripped pants...
    At the first meeting, and the even worse patch job.
  16. Slipping in that loose gravel in Arusha.
    Multiple times and for an extended period of time.
  17. Drunk guy in Marangu.
    I'm not here to destroy you and you're not here to destroy me. Let's eat together, drink together and love together.
  18. Br.Nyanza publicly shaming us during a service group.
  19. The downtown Nairobi night walk.
    And the thousands of times we were almost run over...and when a lady ran up and poked Easton in the side.
  20. That time a bird crapped on my head...
    As I was writing this very list.