a potentially endless list
  1. best treasure hunt of my life
    Or so I've been told...too bad Jaclyn was crabby and refused to participate.
  2. riding bikes
    And solving mysteries...which only existed in our minds.
  3. poker
    At a very young age using squeezit caps.
  4. bears
    And running away from them in the middle of the night to the safety of the grandparents fifth wheel.
  5. the terrible theatre
    Which only played terrible movies. ie Catwoman, Spy Kids, and Dukes of Hazzard.
  6. tubing
    And too many near-death experiences to relate.
  7. the best rope swing in the world.
    And the jagweeds who cut it down when they bought the property.
  8. fornicating sheep
  9. wakeboarding
    Shifty-fakies, wake-jumping and 180's....we never did get good.
  10. the big rock
    And the myths about it's origins.
  11. the dock
  12. the insane storms
    And watching our family (dad, uncles and grampa) trying to bring the boat in to shore at the risk of their lives.
  13. the marina
    And running across the scalding, spikey bridge without shoes as some sort of rite of passage.
  14. the pizza place
    And Bear, the hippy, who starred in Dances With Wolves.
  15. the big log
    Represented our families 'reserved' spot on the beach for 30 years. Also where the kids lined up by height for a yearly photo.
  16. collecting cans
    Not for the money, as you may assume, but rather for the pictures of Star Wars characters.
  17. music & Walkmans
    Where I got into The Strokes, The White Stripes, & Death Cab for Cutie. Thanks cousins!
  18. Panhandler Restaurant
    And when I used to only eat chicken fingers.
  19. Capri-Suns
  20. spitting in our own faces
    Jaclyn and I...no explanation.
  21. dogs
    Specifically peeing on my mom's book.
  22. Bayview
  23. the game of things
    playing with Vigers and the hilarious responses. 'Things you hate about family dinners...' 'family dinners'
    Suggested by @levi_rog
  24. Root beer
    Pretending it was real beer at the pizza place.. now we're old enough and obsessed with beer.. and have found a root beer..beer, so we can have alcohol and remember being kids??
    Suggested by @ijaclyn