Things I saw at the pool today.
  1. camels
    And people riding them around the hotel grounds.
  2. speedos
    An older Eastern European man in a speedo repeatedly racing 2 African guys and children across the swimming pool.
  3. fighting
    Two guys fighting, I think, in the pool. It was starting to look pretty PG-13.
  4. public urination
    A little boy standing in the shallow end of the pool pees into the pool and then splashes around where he just urinated. A few hours later the same kid gets off his bike, pees again in the middle of the lawn.
  5. Trevor.
    Douche. White sunglasses. Double-fisting a beer and a Coke. Starts a conversation with, 'Yo!' And has tribal arm tattoos.
  6. diving
    Multiple people jumping and diving into an incredibly shallow pool. I still don't know how there were no spinals.
  7. pranks
    An older man 'stealthily' slithers across the grass to poke his sleeping friend in the head with a stick.
  8. photo shoot
    Man laying seductively on a lounge chair while getting his girlfriend to photograph it.
  9. worst pool entry ever
    Man lays on the edge of the pool and slowly inches his body forward in a worm-like fashion until he eventually falls into the pool head first.
  10. backstroke
    Once again, our Eastern European friend shows his swimming skills. It was the most majestic backstroke I've ever seen.
  11. IPO the creepo.