So I love apps they have so many uses.. So I'm going to list my top 7because I wanted extra apps because I'm obsessed with so many apps
  1. Pinterest
    I mentioned before I love it for inspiration and I love creativity so i use this app a lot
  2. The list app
    I've really loved this app. It's so unique and I'm enjoying using it. I love listing things and being organized with my thoughts so it's definitely a great tool.
  3. Ello
    This app is cool because it's almost like a tumblr where you can create posts but it's all about ideas and thoughts. You can create posts like on Facebook and I just like it because it's another creative little app to use.
  4. Younow
    Younow is great! It's like YouTube except it's live broadcasting and people can watch you and comment on it. You can also fan people and when they broadcast it will show you who's broadcasting in your community for the people you fanned. It's a great way to connect and meet people and you can put your broadcast under different hashtags so people can find you. I've just really enjoyed it for the months I've been using it.
  5. VSCO Cam
    So this app has been talked about a lot. But I mentioned a lot of apps that would go into the social media catagory so might as well mention a photography app I enjoy. So I love this app because of the choice of filters lots are free and this app is free. You can also adjust the filters and brightness, contrast, saturation. Everything like that. Your pictures come out looking very professional and Instagram worthy.
    So this is my absolute favorite app at the moment. You can lip sync to your favorite songs, you can add a filter to the video of you lip syncing, you can play with the speed and it has a variety of features. This is also sorta a social media app because others can view your short videos of you lip syncing and can like, comment and follow you. I use this in my free time and it's just fun to use.
  7. I hope you enjoyed. And I would definitely recommend to check out these apps.