1. My body is creating a little human and that's weird as shit.
    Seriously. Let's think about this. My husband and I had sex, and as a result, my body is forming things like bones, organs and tissue. It's weird and quite frankly, unsettling.
  2. I'm really sick but also starving.
    My body can't decide whether or not I wanna barf or stuff my face. It's confusing.
  3. At least I got married first.
    Most people I know had babies and THEN got married so I feel like I'm doing things in the right order.
  4. I'm so tired, I just want to lay in bed and snuggle with my cat.
    Not like I didn't want to do this all the time anyway. But now it's even more appealing. After all, my body is busy making A HUMAN.
  5. How fat am I going to get?
    I think this is a normal thought...yeah? I mean even though I'm sick, I'm also stuffing my face with pickles and ice cream (typical, I know) with little motivation to cook or exercise. Thus my worrying.
  6. Shopping for baby stuff is going to be really fun.
    I honestly can't wait for this part. A friend recently bought my babies first onesie, and i got all warm and fuzzy inside.
  7. Is it okay that I'm not over all super excited?
    The answer is yes. And I'm okay with people knowing that. The reality hasn't set in get and it probably won't until I start showing. As of right now, I'm just sick, tired, moody, frumpy and frankly, already ready to pop out this baby.
  8. I'm gonna be a pretty bad ass mom.
    Ultimately. I'm a badass. So there's that.