And learning how to reject men
  1. Being upfront with people has NEVER been my MO.
  2. In the past I've:
  3. Taken shots I didn't want to take.
  4. Gone out when I wanted to just stay in.
  5. Agreed to do favors I didn't want to do.
  6. And when it comes to men this has meant me:
  7. Going on several dates w/ a pretty terrible guy who showed me the crappiest first date (future list).
  8. Dancing with guys at clubs who I was not attracted to and did not want to feel pressed up against me.
  9. Giving guys my number when they asked for it, etc.
  10. But today was different.
  11. The IT guy where I used to work has been hitting me up to hangout pretty regularly.
  12. This IT guy, I used to be interested in him but I changed my mind bc:
  13. He has kind of a shitty personality.
  14. He's cocky.
  15. He has no sense of humor.
  16. He's disrespectful and straight up mean to some of my friends at the office.
  17. And one night at Dave N Busters after a work thing, he slapped my ass. And the me from 7 months ago didn't say anything.
  18. And when he texted me tonight to go out for a drink this week, I was about to give him the usual runaround.
  19. But then I was reminded of all those terrible things about him.
  20. And was reminded that I'm an adult now. I'm 26. I'm in grad school. And I'm too old for this shit.
  21. So I did something I don't normally do. I was straight up.
  22. I wrote:
  23. "Thanks for the invite but to be totally honest with you, I'm just not interested"
  24. I know I had nothing to thank him for but I'm new to this.
  25. His response:
  26. Two words.
  27. "For sure"
  28. It's sad that it's taken me this long to do something like this.
  29. A part of it is me having a very passive personality who feels guilty all the time and always wants to be polite.
  30. And a part of it, I feel, is a society that has encouraged and promoted this.
  31. But I'm proud of myself and that text.
  32. And I hope I ruined his night, just a little.