Got this lovely idea from @DG
  1. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
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    Read the book as an adult and it turns out...not as scary as I remembered. The story about the call coming from inside the house literally ends with the police coming to the house and arresting the man. But those illustrations...I think those images are actually way too scary for children and we never caught on to it as kids. Also, years ago I heard they were making this into a movie and that it would be written by the guys who wrote Saw! But so far, nada
  2. The American Girl books
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    Omg did I love everything about these books! Each girl's life was so fascinating to me and I could never decide which book I liked the best, the birthday book or the Christmas book or the one that took place in the summer... And the illustrations were amazing! That plus all the merch that came with it like the cookbooks. I would gladly spend hours pouring over these books even now as a 26 yo.
  3. The Amelia books
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    An early introduction to graphic novels! Man were these books fun to read and look at.
  4. The Baby Sitters Club books
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    My uncle once rode his bike to the library and my sister and I asked if he could pick us up some BSC club books while he was there. He brought back like 50 books, we were ecstatic! Also ppl always say the book is always better than the movie but the Baby Sitters Club movie is preeetty great.
  5. The Care and Keeping of You
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    This book taught me how to prepare for my period, and that I should be eating balanced meals like a smoothie for breakfast and a healthy snack of pretzels, and that it's ok to be short and stout. My sister and I have a special place in our hearts for this book ❤️
  6. J-14 Magazine
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    Not exactly a book but still an important piece of literature for my sister and I. My dad hated buying us magazines when were kids bc he felt it was a waste of money and we would get so mad at him when we'd go to the grocery store bc of this. But occasionally our parents would buy us copies and J-14 was always our mag of choice.
  7. The I Spy books
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    Library day at school = a race to get these books.
  8. Drawing books
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    Actually library day at school meant a race to get THESE books... These books + tracing paper = a happy kid. Pretty much me and everyone I knew never followed the instructions and just traced the final picture.
  9. Child craft Encyclopedias
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    When my parents moved to the US from Peru they tried really hard to make sure we were as educated as we possibly could be. My mom got a job at Head Start and was always coming home with new resources like these ones. There were encyclopedias about animals, science, and math (probably the least read one). My favorite was the one about holidays. My mom doesn't know this but I am stealing these when I move out (eventually) and have children of my own (eventually).
  10. Little House on the Prairie books
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    My older brother did something really nice for me and bought me these when we had a Scholastic book fair at school. Also when I was young I was really stupid and thought the tv show was actually filmed during that time period.
  11. Voyage on the Great Titanic
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    Titanic was HUGE when I was in the third grade. So much so that the soundtrack was one of the first CDs my sister ever got. So much so that she and I would dress up in our fancy clothes and hats and jump from one bed to another while the dramatic part of the CD played and we pretended to be jumping into a lifeboat. So much so that we read books about it.
  12. Where the Red Fern Grows
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    3rd grade was by far my favorite grade in Elem school. And my favorite part of 3rd grade was when we'd come back from recess, exhausted, and put our heads down as our teacher read us this book. When she finished she played us the movie and I was like 😭