Was kind of bummed because I didn't get placed at my first choice which was the junior high I attended and is close and familiar and homey. But then I explored the website for the school where I got placed and...it's kind of amazing! Because:
  1. It's an art school!
  2. They infuse the arts (of all kinds) with a rigorous common core curriculum 🖌➕📝
  3. They have a sustainable garden program ♻️
  4. They promote fitness through classes like weight lifting and dance 💪🏽
  5. They have a "triple threat" class for students who want to learn to sing, dance and act 🎤
  6. Every kid gets an iPad! (Where is the iPad emoji?!)
  7. Twice a week they have a period where they view tutorials on how to do things like code or make jewelry 💍
  8. I can't wait to get started!!