@Heartsounds thanks for this request. I think you know this was more for me than it was for you and I appreciate that 😌
  1. Why you will never regret hiring me:
  2. I remember what it was like to be the chubby, Hispanic girl in a class of mostly white kids.
  3. I will work toward making my students feel proud of their bodies and their ethnicity by promoting things like body positivity and diversity in the classroom.
  4. I remember what it was like having crippling anxiety as a kid.
  5. I will work towards making my classroom a warm, safe place to make things a little more bearable for kids who are like I was.
  6. I genuinely care about all my students.
  7. I show I care by asking if they're ok when I see one of them come in with a cast or notice a student has been absent for days.
  8. I will go to their recitals and plays bc I've seen how happy this makes them.
  9. I will work towards making my lessons relevant.
  10. I've done this before. One of my best lessons student teaching last year was when students debated the plastic bag ban.
  11. I will make my lessons high interest.
  12. I do this already. I'm currently working with students at my summer job to help them develop a persuasive essay either for or against fidget spinners. They have a lot to say about this!
  13. I'm always trying to become a better educator.
  14. I read books on teaching, read Reddit blogs from current teachers, follow famous teachers (yes they exist) on Twitter and attend conferences on teaching.
  15. I love the things I teach: writing and reading.
  16. Writing is such a powerful tool. It can help you connect with people (e.g. The List App!) and provide you with amazing opportunities (e.g. Hamilton!). I want to help my students see this.
  17. And when it comes to reading, there is something out there for every kid! I will scour the internet and public libraries to build an amazing class library for them.
  18. I'm an agreeable, pleasant person. I will listen to any coworker's rant in the break room and will attend every meeting with a smile.
  19. Finally, I would take a bullet for my students. Sadly, I've thought of this before.
  20. But I don't want to end things on a sad note and I've decided to be more optimistic about not having a job yet.
  21. To help me with this, I keep reminding myself of my favorite quote:
  22. "Nothing good gets away." - John Steinbeck
  23. The right job, like the right person, is out there for me.
  24. Thanks again @Heartsounds 📚❤️