Inspired by @carey
  1. Mrs. Nesbit 1st Grade
    I was a very anxious kid. Like, threw up every morning before school kind of anxious. Mrs. Nesbit was the first person to teach me deep breathing techniques to calm down. I still remember the scent of her vanilla perfume.
  2. Mrs. Guiles 3rd Grade
    Kind. Warm. Loved when she read books out loud to us after recess. I used to hold her hand on field trips and accidentally called her mom a few times.
  3. Mr. Perry 7th Gr History
    Just the friendliest old man. No longer with us sadly.
  4. Mr. Picou 10th Gr 3D Art
    He put a small sculpture I made in an art show which meant a lot. It now sits on my dresser next to my makeup. He also liked the same kind of music my friends and I did and would play stuff like the Shins and the Strokes while we worked on projects.
  5. Ms. Petit 12th Gr ELA
    Young. Funny. I liked the things we did in her class like write about nature. I also realized while in her class that I wanted to be like her someday and teach a class of my own.